Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for Architectural Services

The City of Jefferson is seeking to enter into an architectural services contract with a state registered architect. The following outlines this request for qualifications.

I. Scope of Work – The architectural contract will encompass all project related architectural services to the City of Jefferson, including but not limited to the following:

               *             Preliminary and final design plans and specifications for a City Hall / Fire Station Complex;

               *             Preparation of the bid packet;

               *             Conduct all field testing and inspections (interim and final); and

               *             Other special services.

II. Statement of Qualifications — The City of Jefferson is seeking to contract with a competent architectural firm, registered to practice in the State of Texas which has had experience in the following areas:

*             Municipal construction including but not limited to public buildings, fire/police stations, city halls;

*             Registered and in good standing as a professional architect per the Texas Architectural Practice Act

               *             Federally and/or State funded construction projects; and

               *             Projects located in this general region of the state 

As such, please provide within your proposal a list of past local government clients, as well as resumes of all [architects/engineers/surveyors] that will or may be assigned to this project if you receive the architectural services contract award. 

The proposal shall not exceed twelve (12) pages including transmittal letter and attachments, and excluding covers and plain section dividers. 

III. Evaluation Criteria — The proposals received will be evaluated and ranked according to the following criteria:  

Criteria                                  Maximum Points

Experience                                            60          

Work Performance                  25

Capacity to Perform                15

                                             Total                       100

IV. For this RFQ, Respondent’s qualifications will be evaluated, and the most qualified Respondent will be selected, subject to negotiation of fair and reasonable compensation.

  • For costs of architectural/engineering (A/E) professional services, negotiations must occur after the initial selection of the architect or engineer as price cannot be used as a selection factor. (See 2 CFR 200.320(d)(5) and Texas Government Code § 2254.004)

V. Deadline for Submission – Please submit (1) hard copy of the Statement of Qualifications proposals to the following address: City of Jefferson, City Hall, 305 E Austin Street, Jefferson, Texas, 75657.  The submittal deadline for the qualification proposals is 10:00 a.m. (Central) on Tuesday, December 19, 2023.  Any proposal received after this time and date will be rejected and will not be considered by the City of Jefferson.